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Aboriginal Rock Art

The Stanley Rapids Site.
This photo and the rock art reproductions shown here are taken from the book The Aboriginal Rock Paintings of the Churchill River.

A map of the Saskatchewan portion of the Churchill River shows the rock art site locations described in the book.

Writings on the rocks describes how these reproductions were created.

To view a larger detail of the reproductions, click on the graphic.

Site 1 Reproduction of paintings at McDonald Bay

Location: on the east shore of McDonald Bay, Pinehouse Lake, about 2-3 km south of the channel opening to the main body of the lake. (See Canoe Route #54)
Comments: There are seven and possibly eight separate figures: four are thunderbirds, in the centre of the group is some sort of mammal, and on the upper left is a snake. The snake painting may have something to do with the original Cree name for Pinehouse Lake: Snake Lake

Site 7 Reproduction of paintings at High Rock Narrows (second site)

Location: On the north side of Black Bear Island Lake. (See Canoe Routes #17, 18, 54, 57)
Comments: This is an extraordinarily large group of paintings. Pigment similarity and general balance of the elements indicates tthat the figures form part of a group, rather than separate, unrelated paintings.

Site 7 Reproduction of paintings at High Rock Narrows (second site)

Comments: There are seven separate rock faces with paintings, the first five along the water and the last two on cliffs some distance above the water. This reproduction is a single large anthropomorphic head, with two spots of colour situated below. This face is situated on the high cliffs which have the local name of High Rock.

Site 8 Reproduction of paintings at Rattler Creek, Face 1 (right group)

Location: Just to the southeast of the confluence of Rattler Creek and a stream entering it from the northeast. (See Canoe Route #30.)
Comments: Four distinct groups of paintings and two single ones are found here on four separate rock surfaces. In the right group of Face 1 a beaver as seen from above is situated above a composite of two structures with "fringes" and long curved lines attached. To the right of these is a faint front part of an open-mouthed canid.

Site 15 Reproduction of paintings at Uskik Lake, Face 1

Location: On the north shore of Uskik Lake about halfway between Frog Portage and Uskik Falls. (See Canoe Routes #28 and 29)
Comments: The site is comprised of two separate sets of paintings about 150 cm apart. The pigments and styles of depiction make it evident that different artists made each group. Face 1 has a highly stylized human inside a structure with fringed lines extending above. The figure to the right appears to be an animal, but it is obscured by lichens.

Site 18 Reproduction of paintings at Wasawakasik Lake, Face 1

Location: On the north shore of Wasawakasik Lake at a high outcrop called "Highrock" locally. (See Canoe Routes #28, 29, 46, 47)
Comments: Nine separate rock faces were utilized for pictographs. Face 1 has what appears to be a large bird and another large figure looking something like a sitting bear.

Site 18 Reproduction of paintings at Wasawakasik Lake, Faces 6 and 7

Comments: Face 6 is a very distinct little bird with feathers and three toes on each foot. Face 7 contains six distinct symbols and an indistinct smear in the centre.

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